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I was born and I now live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I graduated from C.A.E.C.E. University (Argentina) with a Baccalaureate in Computer Sciences. Since I was in school, I was interested in the arts and math sciences. I studied computer animation in the US while I lived there, but always complementing my rational side with courses like oil and watercolor painting, and ceramic sculpting with live model with Professor Jim Lloyd.

I also lived for 2 years in Mexico City and there I studied acrylic and pastel painting with Professor Susana Orvananos. When I returned to Argentina, I continued my art courses, painting and sculpting with Professor Carolina Robles and Silvia D´Amore. Between 2007 and 2010 I studied with Mariquita Quesada, Emanuel Rocco Cuzzi and Marco Otero.

I have participated in some art exhibitions in Argentina and also abroad, in Mexico, Spain, Paraguay, Uruguay and Holand.

 Seminars and courses

Sculpture modeling workshop, clay sculpture, ceramics, Buenos Aires - Prof: Silvia D´Amore
 Course for pastel, Sanguina  and charcoal painting; FAME, México City -  Prof.: Susana Orvananos
Porcelain painting; Cuidad de México - Prof.:  Mary González
Computer animation seminar; Filadelfia, USA -Techniques: 2D/3D Commodore Amiga
Oil painting course; Philadelphia, USA
Sculpture workshop, ceramics; Philadelphia, USA - Technique with live model - Prof.: Jim Lloyd
Sculpture workshop, ceramics; Buenos Aires - Prof.: Carolina Robles
Trompe L´Oeil Seminar; Buenos Aires -- Prof.: Carolina Robles - Technique: Trompe L´Oeil
Acrylic painting course; Buenos Aires - Several techniques
Sculpture and stone carving  seminar; Buenos Aires - Prof.: Paul Roger
Acrylic painting course; Buenos Aires - Prof.:  Mariquita Quesada - Acrylic and mixed  techniques
Painting workshop; Buenos Aires - Prof.:  Viviana Jullian - Acrylic and mixed  techniques.
Acrylic painting workshop; Buenos Aires –  Prof.: Amalia Montangero – Spatula  technique  and automatism.

Painting workshop / mixed techniques - Prof.: Mariquita Quesada, Buenos Aires
“How to appreciate ART” – Prof. Daniela Pisarev, Atelier 40, Buenos Aires
Painting workshop with Emmanuel Rocco Cuzzi – August/December 2008

Workshop with Marco Otero, Siglo VII, Art Studio & Gallery, Buenos Aires
Workshop with Jorge Abot, Buenos Aires
Workshop with Carolina Cerverizzo, Buenos Aires
Workshop with Marco Otero, Buenos Aires